One great way to help us is by becoming a member of Buddha Bhumi Buddhist Center. By becoming a member, you are entitled to receive publications and reports by land mail and email. Depending upon the type of membership, members will be invited to attend corresponding events of the BBBC.

The different types of membership available with us are as below:

Patron Membership - U.S. $ 5,000.00

Life Membership - U.S. $ 2,500.00

Genereal Membership - U.S. $ 100.00 per annum

Five Years Membership - It is payable in following table of installments:

Currency Monthly Payment Annual Payment Onetime Payment
Singapore $ 100/- 1,200/- 6,000/-
Taiwan US $ 50/- 600/- 3,000/-
Japanese Yen 5,000/- 60,000/- 300,000/-
Korean Won 100,000/- 1,200,000/- 6,000,000/-
For others US $ 50/- 600/- 3,000/-

This Buddha Bhumi Monastery project is specially concerned with the Buddhist Studies, Meditation and Training of Monks and the other socially beneficial activities.

This project is made possible by the kind and generous contributions from the sponsors, members and benefactors. So, dear friends, devotees and benefactors, be part of our monastery project - Share the most valuable gift and get the rare merit making opportunity.

One part of Donor for Buddha Bhumi Monastery Membership continues for 5 years. One can contribute membership fees monthly, annually or in one time for 5 years.

This Sponsorship or Membership programs are all focused on to support the construction of Buddha Bhumi Buddhist Center (An educational Monastery in Nepal).

Benefits of becoming BBBC Members and Sponsors are as follows:

  1. BBBC members will be regarded as the donors of Buddha Bhumi Monastery.
  2. Name of the donors will be inscribed on the stone pillar.
  3. Life member Certificates will be issued.
  4. Every day merits transfer.
  5. Invitation to special programs and events.
  6. Subscription to Published Books, Magazines and Newsletters.
  7. All the information of BBBC will be posted.

Bhikkhu Saddhatissa and Kolita
G.P.O. Box 1205

Buddha Bhumi Buddhist Center (BBBC)

Buddha, the awakened one taught the beauty of generosity and the bliss of renunciation; the need for unity, simplicity and equality; the message of peace, compassion, wisdom and devotion and the need of the humanitarian services. Considering his great teachings, Buddhism is more in need and relevant today in this turbulant world than ever before in the history of mankind.

"If there is any religion that could cope with modern scientific needs it would be Buddhism." - Einstein

Contact Details

Telephone: 977-1-5110414

Bhikkhu Saddhatissa and Kolita
G.P.O. Box 1205
Sthool, Tokha
Kathmandu, Nepal